Residential Villas

Entrance & Reception

Welcoming entrance and reception area with a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

Living Room

Elegant living room design with a modern, cozy ambiance.


Elegant bathroom design, offering a tranquil and modern sanctuary.

Master Bedroom

Luxurious master bedroom design, creating a serene and sophisticated retreat.

Boys & Girls Bedrooms

Vibrant and imaginative rooms for boys and girls, inspiring creativity.

Kids Room

Whimsical and playful kids room design, sparking imagination and joy.

Dressing Room

Stylish dressing room design, combining functionality and glamour seamlessly.

Office Room

Functional office room with sleek and productive design.


Modern kitchen design, blending functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

Project Info

Residential Villas


Residential Spaces


United Arab Emirates

Scope of Work

Design, Supervision and Fit-out

Project Description

Successfully executed a multitude of interior design projects encompassing design, fit-out, implementation, and supervisory responsibilities for diverse villas across the UAE. These projects encompass a wide spectrum of styles including minimalist, modern, and luxury aesthetics, tailored to meet the unique demands of various spaces. Notably, these projects encompassed the comprehensive design and transformation of expansive living and dining areas, both kids’ and parents’ bedrooms, garden, and balcony spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and all functional as well as decorative zones within the villas.

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